Going Green with the
North American

Vessel: 110-foot house forward
Pots: 100
Quota: 370,000 pounds

Battling through thunderous 50 foot waves, clashing with weather only read about in apocalyptic scripture and bringing home full loads of king crab is just one place you can find the North American.

When the 110 foot long, house forward fishing vessel isn’t risking it all for a quick fortune and the continuation of an epic lineage, it is being put to use as a working model for the environmentally conscious vessels of the future.

The North American understands that the planet is how they make their living - the beautiful yet deadly waves, the epic strings of the Aleutian, or the crabs are all part of the earths's cyclic nature. With this in mind, The North American has effectively cut their carbon footprint in half, crowning them the leader of eco-friendly maritime technology, and setting the blueprint for carbon conscience vessels all around the globe.

What makes this possible and what makes the North American so unique is the Gen-Tech system onboard. Gen-Tech is the product of over 9 years of innovation, rigorous testing, developments of new technologies and a dedicated mission statement. A top team of experts from around the world have been refining this technology and have developed what is now the worlds first of its kind.

By cutting fuel consumption and scheduled maintenance the Gen-Tech not only saves money it also gives the North American an edge in today’s fuel dependant world.